Travel from RSV to MCK

1d 1h 26min
278 lb of CO2
7h 37min
684 lb of CO2

RSV to MCK Flights

There are 1 airports — SMF — that make sense to fly out of from RSV and 1 airports — MCK — to access MCK. The best deals are usually found by flying out of SMF.

Out of the 3 total modes of travel to MCK from RSV, a flight is the quickest method.
18h 43min
212 lb of CO2

Drive from RSV to MCK

It's 1104 miles between RSV to MCK. On a typical day, it might take between 18h 43min and 19h 39min from RSV to MCK under normal conditions. If traffic is heavy, it could take around 20h 35min and costs will only go up due to traffic and congestion to drive to MCK by car. In these situations, we would highly recommend public transit if available.

We estimate driving cost by using a 20 mpg fuel economy, fuel costing $2.70 per US gallon, the one-way cost of the drive, excluding tolls, may be about $148.

What is the best way to travel from RSV to MCK?

Because MCK is so far away from RSV, we recommend simply booking a flight. Other options to MCK do exist, but going by plane will save you valuable time. Amtrak operates from RSV to MCK, so you book your trip with them! Train from RSV to MCK, it will get you there soon enough!

When to book trip from RSV to MCK?

For these medium length trips, it's important to book your tickets as soon as possible. While there are train, flight or by car transportation options available, the sooner to book the better. While prices for buses or trains might not fluctuate as much as flights, their availability certainly will. It's recommended to book these flights at least 2 weeks away, but even more if you are able.

What's the cheapest way from RSV to MCK?

The absolute cheapest way to travel from RSV to MCK is by train. The train costs $213 roughly and will take 1 day 1 hour 26 minutes.

How much does Amtrak cost from RSV to MCK?

Amtrak costs about $213 between RSV and MCK. In total, the train will take roughly 1 day 1 hour 26 minutes and there are no connections that you will have to make. We recommend catching the train at RSV Roseville Amtrak, which is 0 miles from RSV. Further, once you arrive at MCK McCook Amtrak or you will still have 0 miles to MCK.

How long does it take from RSV to MCK by car?

The total distance between RSV and MCK is 1104 miles and will take you about 18 hours 43 minutes. By car with an average gas consumption rate of 20 mpg or gas costs alone will run you $149.

RSV to MCK Travel Information

Cheapest Way Train — $213
Fastest Way Flight — 7h 37min
Eco-Friendly Way Drive — 212 lb CO2
Available Modes 3 modes — train, flight and by car
Distance 1,103 miles
Travel Companies Amtrak

Travel companies on this route

Amtrak from RSV to MCK
Train company
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