Travel from Pantelleria to Trapani

1d 10h 10min
0 lb of CO2

Pantelleria to Trapani Ferries

There are 1 ways to travel from Pantelleria to Trapani by ferry in the area. There is just one ferry company that can take you all the way to Trapani — Ustica Lines.

Departing Pantelleria, you can find ferries at Pantelleria and taking you all the way to Trapani, close to Trapani.


What is the best way to travel from Pantelleria to Trapani?

The only way from Pantelleria to Trapani is by ferry. You should expect to be able to find tickets starting around $61, if you search flights from Pantelleria to Trapani. Ferry from Pantelleria to Trapani, it will get you there soon enough!

When to book trip from Pantelleria to Trapani?

On your trip from Pantelleria to Trapani, it is best to book as soon as possible. It won't necessarily help reduce your price by a large amount, but will ensure that you have a spot on the bus or train.

Pantelleria to Trapani Travel Information

Cheapest Way Ferry — $61
Fastest Way Ferry — 1d 10h 10min
Eco-Friendly Way — 999999 lb CO2
Available Modes 1 modes — ferry
Distance 88 miles
Travel Companies Ustica Lines

Ferry companies to Trapani

Ustica Lines from Pantelleria to Trapani
Ustica Lines
Ferry company
19 routes