Travel from Gera to Alsfeld

2h 38min
30 lb of CO2
1h 28min
17 lb of CO2

Drive from Gera to Alsfeld

It's 69 miles between Gera to Alsfeld. On a typical day, it might take between 1h 28min and 1h 33min from Gera to Alsfeld under normal conditions. If traffic is heavy, it could take around 1h 37min and costs will only go up due to traffic and congestion to drive to Alsfeld by car. In these situations, we would highly recommend public transit if available.

We estimate driving cost by using a 20 mpg fuel economy, fuel costing $2.70 per US gallon, the one-way cost of the drive, excluding tolls, may be about $9.

What is the best way to travel from Gera to Alsfeld?

The are 5 different ways across 2 unique modes of transportation to help you travel from Gera to Alsfeld. If you're only considering the price, you should check out the train out of Seebergen towards Alsfeld, as it is the cheapest to Alsfeld. It's common to find tickets for as low as $28. operates from Gera to Alsfeld, so you book your trip with them! Train from Gera to Alsfeld, it will get you there soon enough!

When to book trip from Gera to Alsfeld?

The trip to Alsfeld is an excellent trip for the day or a nice trip for the weekend from Gera. The cheapest way to get from Gera to Alsfeld is $28 and the quickest way takes just 2 hours 38 minutes with the train. offers limited service between Alsfeld and Gera.We recommend booking the trip to Alsfeld about one week in advance. Though you might be able to find and book a ticket from Gera the day of, it is best to do this earlier as to be sure you have a seat to Alsfeld.

What's the cheapest way from Gera to Alsfeld?

The absolute cheapest way to travel from Gera to Alsfeld is by train. The train costs $28 roughly and will take 2 hours 38 minutes.

Is there a train from Gera to Alsfeld?

Yes, trains between Gera area and Alsfeld, but there is no direct route. They are operated by {operators}. In total, it will take roughly 2 hours 41 minutes. We recommend catching the train at Sülzenbrücken, which is about 12 miles from Gera. Also with this train or you will have to make a connection at Fulda.

How long does it take from Gera to Alsfeld by car?

The total distance between Gera and Alsfeld is 69 miles and will take you about 1 hour 28 minutes. By car with an average gas consumption rate of 20 mpg or gas costs alone will run you $9.

Gera to Alsfeld Travel Information

Cheapest Way Train — $28
Fastest Way Train — 2h 38min
Eco-Friendly Way Drive — 17 lb CO2
Available Modes 2 modes — train and by car
Distance 69 miles
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