Denver to Boulder Travel Information

Cheapest Way Public Transit — $11
Fastest Way Public Transit — 2h 0min
Eco-Friendly Way Public Transit — 9 lb CO2
Available Modes 1 modes — public transit
Distance 24 miles
Public Transit
$11 · 2h 6min · 9 lb of CO2
Union Station to Boulder Transit Center
+4 more options

Public Transit from Denver to Boulder

It's very common to take public transportation from Denver to Boulder. 4 public transportation providers, including , can help take you to your destination.

Starting at Denver, you can hop on at Union Station and ride all the way to Boulder Transit Center, 27th Way & Broadway, 39th & Table Mesa, Tantra & Table Mesa.


What is the best way to travel from Denver to Boulder?

The only way from Denver to Boulder is by public transit. You should expect to be able to find tickets starting around $11, if you search flights from Union Station to Boulder Transit Center. Take public transit from Denver to Boulder, it's your best chance!

When to book trip from Denver to Boulder?

The earlier you can book your trip to Boulder, the better. There is usually no need to book these sort of trips from Denver to Boulder in advance. Rideshares should be available on demand all hours of the day. Public transportation prices do not fluctuate like flights. Instead, they're either flat rate or priced by distance traveled. If possible, you can book your tickets via an app or alternatively at the station upon arrival.