Travel from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire

6h 56min
76 lb of CO2
2h 23min
28 lb of CO2

Drive from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire

It's 124 miles between Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire. On a typical day, it might take between 2h 23min and 2h 30min from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire under normal conditions. If traffic is heavy, it could take around 2h 37min and costs will only go up due to traffic and congestion to drive to Neuvy-sur-Loire by car. In these situations, we would highly recommend public transit if available.

We estimate driving cost by using a 20 mpg fuel economy, fuel costing $2.70 per US gallon, the one-way cost of the drive, excluding tolls, may be about $16.

What is the best way to travel from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire?

The are 5 different ways across 2 unique modes of transportation to help you travel from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire. If you're only considering the price, you should check out the train out of Chalindrey towards Neuvy-sur-Loire, as it is the cheapest to Neuvy-sur-Loire. It's common to find tickets for as low as $74. operates from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire, so you book your trip with them! Train from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire, it will get you there soon enough!

When to book trip from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire?

On your trip from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire, it is best to book as soon as possible. It won't necessarily help reduce your price by a large amount, but will ensure that you have a spot on the bus or train.

What's the cheapest way from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire?

The absolute cheapest way to travel from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire is by train. The train costs $75 roughly and will take 7 hours 7 minutes.

Is there a train from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire?

Yes, trains between Chaudenay area and Neuvy-sur-Loire, but there is no direct route. They are operated by {operators}. In total, it will take roughly 6 hours 56 minutes. We recommend catching the train at Chaudenay, which is about 0 miles from Chaudenay. Also with this train or you will have to make a connection at Paris Bastille Bastille.

How long does it take from Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire by car?

The total distance between Chaudenay and Neuvy-sur-Loire is 124 miles and will take you about 2 hours 23 minutes. By car with an average gas consumption rate of 20 mpg or gas costs alone will run you $17.

Chaudenay to Neuvy-sur-Loire Travel Information

Cheapest Way Train — $75
Fastest Way Train — 6h 56min
Eco-Friendly Way Drive — 28 lb CO2
Available Modes 2 modes — train and by car
Distance 124 miles
Travel Companies SNCF

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