Rome Train Guide

The best train tickets to Rome can be a hard find for those searching for a multi-day trip but within a spending limit. Booking ahead of time with Faretrotter can spare you time and money instead of purchasing your ticket on the day at the train station at the last minute. The train to Rome can have incredible benefits and is always a great start to wherever your adventure takes you. In case you're after quick train tickets elsewhere, you can search online with us and begin to travel smarter.

When is the best time to book train tickets to Rome?

For the most part, train passages go slightly up in value, until the day of travel. Thus, the key to discovering the cheapest train tickets to Rome is to make reservations way in advance. Faretrotter helps you find train times, ticket expenses and course stops, and over course compare them with every other mode of transportation to Rome – whether that’s by train.

What are the best train rides from Rome?

  • Anagni from Rome for $10
  • Colleferro from Rome for $10
  • Ferentino from Rome for $10
  • Labico from Rome for $10
  • Valmontone from Rome for $10
  • Sgurgola from Rome for $10
  • Morolo from Rome for $10

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