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The Minnehaha to Eugene OR train is consistently a reasonable alternative as they are only separated by 114 miles. Comparing the train with the bus, flight or by car, it's fairly easy to discover Minnehaha to Eugene by train for as meager as $20 and around 4 hours 44 minutes travel time and might be the best alternative mode of transport for making it to Eugene OR from Minnehaha. Minnehaha to Eugene buses costs $36 and will take you roughly 4 hours 26 minutes. The flights costs $96 and takes 36 minutes, in which case the train might be your best bet if that is what you prefer.

There are one train companies helping you find your way to Eugene from Minnehaha – Amtrak. The ticket prices range from $20 to $40 depending on the day and time you need to travel to Eugene. The trip to Eugene will take you 2h 11min up to 4h 44min.

Is there a direct train from Minnehaha to Eugene?

Yes, you can take a direct train from Minnehaha to Eugene. The train will take about 2h 11min.

Minnehaha to Eugene train schedules

Finding the cheapest train from Minnehaha to Eugene usually isn't that difficult but there are some tips you should be aware of. Like most modes of transportation, you should book these in advance. However, train prices do not vary quite like flights, meaning you won't find an ultra cheap fare one day and an ultra expensive fare the next. Instead, the fares usually balance out over time. Instead, train prices do usually get more expensive within a few days of travel. The time of year is another big factor when traveling by train from Minnehaha. Plan your trip by train sooner rather than later and if it's during peak travel time - maybe consider an alternate mode of transportation from Minnehaha to Eugene.

How much are Minnehaha to Eugene Amtrak train tickets?

There is one and it takes 2h 11min. The tickets will cost you $20 with Amtrak from Minnehaha to Eugene. Unlike buses or flying, trains usually do not book to capacity, but it's always best to book your tickets here in advance.

Minnehaha Train stations
Eugene Train stations
VAN Train Station
Trains from VAN, Minnehaha to Eugene operated by Amtrak
PDX Train Station
Trains from PDX, Minnehaha to Eugene operated by Amtrak
ORC Train Station
Oregon City
Trains from ORC, Minnehaha to Eugene operated by Amtrak
KEL Train Station
Trains from KEL, Minnehaha to Eugene operated by Amtrak
EUG Train Station
Trains from EUG, Minnehaha to Eugene operated by Amtrak

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