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Boom Chicago Show in Amsterdam

Theater, Dance, & Musicals Amsterdam
Laugh the evening away at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam! This popular English-language comedy show is an exhilarating spectacle of sharp writing and quick improvisation with music, video and multimedia. This improvisational group, which began in 1993, is especially known for incorporating suggestions from the audience and addressing the issues of the day. Boom Chicago performs four nights a week at the historical 250-seat Rozentheater, located in Amsterdam's famous Jordaan Quarter in the canal district.

See Boom Chicago in the heart of Amsterdam, where members of the comedy troupe perform almost every night at the Rozentheater. The venue, built in 1913 as a cinema with live variety acts, was fully renovated in 2004 with many original details intact, including the restored stained glass. The 250-seat theater offers a larger, open lobby that includes a full bar for guests to enjoy.

This fast-paced entertainment includes actors, a musical director and multimedia technician who all work together to make a hysterical show. Known for their quick improvisation, the actors turn suggestions from the audience into original scenes and hilarious jokes that are different for every performance. Boom Chicago's written sketches are topical and sharp, and each show is exciting and full of big laughs!

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Belly Dancing Workshop in Amsterdam

Theater, Dance, & Musicals Amsterdam
Spend an hour working those hips, mirroring the graceful hand movements and perfecting your shimmy at an Amsterdam Belly Dancing Workshop.  Learn the basics from a professional instructor in this fun and encouraging class.  Get in touch with your inner beauty during the Amsterdam Belly Dancing Workshop.

Learn the fantastic variety of belly dance moves. You'll discover muscles you never knew you had. Discover the sensual techniques of belly dancing that will improve your coordination and develop a brilliant mind-body connection.

Your expert instructor will teach your whole group how to perform this seductive dance style in just one hour.  You'll learn how to shimmy those hips as well as learning a fun, sexy dance routine to the hottest music.  You'll even be provided with coin belts, to add that authentic jingle to your routine.

This type of workshop is suitable for everyone! You don't need to know how to dance; the basic moves are really easy to learn and can be also fun.
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Amsterdam Burlesque Workshop

Theater, Dance, & Musicals Amsterdam

 Learn the skills and techniques needed to fan dance effortlessly and gracefully in this two hour Amsterdam Burlesque Workshop. Learn how to tease, pose as a pin-up girl, feel sexy as Marilyn Monroe and shimmy and shake like Neo-Burlesque Dita Von Tease and classic Gypsy Rose Lee!

You'll begin your Burlesque workshop  by learning the poses and postures of the most glamorous of Burlesque femme fatales! You'll then be introduced to some classic Burlesque striptease, chair work and the use of props.

Your professional burlesque instructor will take you through everything from how to hold your fans, to classic fan dancing moves and tips to costuming ideas and music choices.  

At the end of the workshop you'll try a fun routine using your new skills.  

We'll keep you refreshed with some appetizers and a glass of fizzy wine each.

This workshop is an amazing way you and your girlfriends to celebrate your femininity with a twist!  This is a perfect way to celebrate your hen night or simply let some steam out and relax after a hard week.  

Every woman deserves a night when she feels like a goddess, and our Burlesque Workshop is designed to do just that!

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Amsterdam Magic Show: Things That Make You Go Huh

Theater, Dance, & Musicals Amsterdam
This is a 2-hour, stage magic show featuring 5 or 6 professional stage magicians that perform in Las Vegas, London, and Monte Carlo. It includes a welcome glass of bubbles as you enter the theater, and close-up magic with cards and coins performed at your seat before the show. You will then enjoy a 2-hour stage show: 5 or 6 award-winning, international magicians will each perform 15 or 20 minutes of their professional stage acts. After the stage show will be more informal close-up magic. The stage show is 2 hours, but if you come for pre-show drinks/close-up magic and stay for the after-party, the whole evening is around 3 hours!

Magic…for some it's just a word…for us it's a way of life. Take your friends, your loved ones, or yourself on our magical ride and forget the world outside (for one crazy night). We are an an ensemble of 6 magicians and illusionists. But each show is different and unique since we regularly invite the best international magic and comedy acts to perform as guests with us in this roaring 20's era theater.

You will be welcomed at the door with a free welcome glass of Prosecco. Make your way to your seat and relax, but not too much... mind-bending, close-up magic will be performed inches from your eyes as you sip Prosecco in your seat. Time will fly by until the host announces, "It's showtime!".

In a 2-hour, stage show at 8pm, 5 or 6 of Europe's premiere magicians will take the stage to amaze, entertain, and charm you. Performers include European and world magic champions, TV magicians, and regularly-booked, international star stage magicians as guests. Some of magic's biggest stars have appeared on stage. You will see tables float, solid steel melt with the power of the mind, peoples' private thoughts revealed on stage by mind readers, hilarious card magic, and unique silent magic. You will see 5 or 6 of Europe's best magicians each perform around 15-20 minutes of their professional stage act, making a fascinating and diverse show of around 2 hours, including a short break.

After the show at 10pm... the show goes on! Tunes will be supplied, get a drink at the bar, and stay for the magical after-party. The magicians will kick back with you and share some of their most cutting-edge new magic - hush-hush, after-hours, and strictly off-the-record.

Step into the magical world of ‘Huh' and have an unforgettable evening of entertainment.