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Shared Beer Bike

Adventure Amsterdam
Our Amsterdam Beer Bike is a unique Amsterdam experience.  Climb aboard our mighty beer bike, for one of the best rides of your life!  Our driver will lead you around a tour of the city to see the sights and enjoy some cold drinks on the way!

Jump on board our Amsterdam beer bike for the only tour in town that promises to keep you refreshed every step of the way!  In Amsterdam city center is is illegal to drink alcohol on the street, but perfectly fine on board one of our licensed Amsterdam Beer Bikes!  We'll get you well stocked with fine beer and fizzy wine, and set you off with one of our great guides!


He or she will navigate you through the streets as you safely explore the city on the Amsterdam beer bike. This is a unique way of exploring parts of world heritage, and having fun. The Amsterdam beer bike is mainly used for festive events such as company outings or bachelor events. It is particularly popular among locals and people visiting Amsterdam for a day out and about.

Beer can be exchanged with other drinks!

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Amsterdam Archery Battle

Adventure Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Archery Battle can be played indoors or outdoors, between two teams with bows and foam-tipped arrows that cause no pain at all.  Aim for targets, shoot and tag – it's like laser tag with the elements of traditional archery.

The game requires two teams of 5 or more players. You can eliminate an opposing team's player by hitting them with your arrow. You can also save a life of your player by hitting the other team's target. And that's not easy, since every target consists of five parts! So, who will remain in the field?

We can set up your archery game both indoors and outdoors in various venues around the city. Get in touch for more info! We can also organize it indoor or outdoor at your location! 

Protective face-masks
Enough foam-tipped arrows 
Outdoor Location
Game master 
Duration: 1,5 hours
Minimum group size: 10 people

Archery battle is perfect for any type of group, birthday, graduation party and/or team building. It offers you excitement and another way to experience and explore Amsterdam.

We can also organise it at your own location!
The game requires two teams of 5 or more players. You can eliminate an opposing team's player by hitting them with your arrow. You can also save a life of your player by hitting the other team's target. And that's not easy, since every target consists of five parts! So, who will remain in the field?

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Amsterdam Hummer Limo Rental

Adventure Amsterdam

 If you want to make the ultimate travel statement you can't do better than our Amsterdam Hummer Limo Rental!


The ultimate luxury driving experience, our Hummer limos provide a transfer service like no other!  No one will miss you and your group as you cruise past Amsterdam's famous canals in one of these awesome vehicles.  Made famous by the American military, with your Hummer limo you'll have a true shock and awe party transfer!  These amazing limos boast luxury interiors and modern sound systems.  They provide a luxury experience unparalleled by any other limo hire.  This is the most exciting way to travel in Amsterdam bar none.


Our Hummer Limos seat up to 16 people!  They feature a DVD linked to LCD screens, as well as a stylish lighting.  Of course to make sure your trip is truly memorable, we'll make sure that your party starts the moment you get on board by providing a free on board bar.  If you bring a musical device with you we will play your music over the Hummer's speakers – what's a party without a little music?  In addition we offer a huge range of optional extras to this service!

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Highland Games of Scotland in Amsterdam

Adventure Amsterdam
Highland games are a series of event that are being held during the spring and summer mainly in Scotland. This is their way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture. The games are particularly important to the culture of the Scottish Highlands.  This type of event has now spread all over the world and people do it for their own exercise and fun.
A minimum of 8 people per booking is required.

What you need: Strength, speed, flexibility and team spirit. That's all! Nothing else. Everyone has a little bit of each, so don't worry too much about not being able do it. The games are really about testing yourself to see how well you can compete. The most important thing is participation and spirit – with these awesome games the fun takes care of itself! Throughout the events, a tour guide will be there to assist you for every game and help you to master each of the events.

In this challenging outdoor activity session you will be competing against your fellow jocks in some of our many challenging events!

Tug of War – Archery Tag – Putting the Stone – Traditional Dutch Bike Throwing Competition – Throwing 56lb Weight – Four Lap Run – High Jump

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Archery in Amsterdam

Adventure Amsterdam
Enjoy a 30 minutes session of Archery at our Outdoor location in Amsterdam West. After a short safety and materials introduction of our instructor(s), you quickly get to work yourself. While practicing, our instructor(s) will tell everything about the technical parts. In Archery we use real arrows and not, as with Archery Tag, special safety arrows.

Start in the morning or in the afternoon in a convenient place in Amsterdam. After a warm welcome you will be briefed by one off the professional staff members. The briefing includes an introduction about the equipment and safety.

Our instructor(s) pay extra attention to shooting position and tightening the tendon. With us, fun comes first. If everyone has been able to practice a number of times, a short match will be held. Which one of you is the only real Robin Hood?

This activity is ideal for bachelor party, birthday parties and company outings. It is safe and we can give a nice twist to it. Like placing balloons that you have to shoot.

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Archery Tag Amsterdam

Adventure Amsterdam

Archery Tag Amsterdam one of the latest fads of the moment. Play this challenging game, which is a combination of Dodgeball and Archery with your friends, family or colleagues. It is possible to play Archery Tag Amsterdam at our location or at the location of your choice.

Archery Tag is a sport that originates in America. This game is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands. Archery Tag is played with a specially developed safety bow and arrows. During the game, players wear a mask to protect their face. If you get hit you will feel it but it does not hurt as much as like paintball where you have bruises the next morning.

We charge a minimum of 6 players.

Commence your game at a time of your choosing as we have morning and afternoon times available. After a warm welcome, your group will be briefed by one off the professional staff members, who will give you an introduction about the equipment and safety measures.

You will then have an intense but fun 75 minutes Archery Tag session against each other. At the end of the session, you will give back your equipment to the staff member and the winning team will receive a prize!

Afterwards you can enjoy a drink in our bar and relax. We have more then enough space inside and outside.

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Half-Day Open Boat Rental in Zaandam from Amsterdam

Adventure Amsterdam
Be the captain of your own destiny (or at least your own half day) on this private open boat rental. You'll be picked up in central Amsterdam and delivered to the launch point in Zaandam, where you'll have full control of your own motorboat for 4 hours. Head toward the Amsterdam waterfront or perhaps to the windmills of Zaanse Schans — the choice is yours!

Be your own captain as you take the wheel of an open motorboat during a 4-hour private rental in Zaandam. Meet your transport at your hotel or another central location in Amsterdam, and enjoy a comfortable private transfer to Zaandam. Experience the flexibility of an independent trip during your half day on the water. Point the boat's nose toward the Amsterdam harbor or toward the windmills, barns and green-timbered homes of Zaanse Schans. Relax on deck with the picnic lunch you packed as you soak up the sun and the scenery. Enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam before you are transferred back to your original departure point at the end of the excursion.

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Guided Canoe Adventure with Picnic Lunch in Waterland from Amsterdam

Adventure Amsterdam
This guided Waterland canoe tour takes you through Dutch nature and villages in Old Holland near Amsterdam, only 15 minutes from the city center. See the 'real' Dutch way of life and explore Old Holland's nature. Paddle through the village and the area's reed-lands, hear the birds singing and smell the plants surrounding you on this outdoor adventure with group size of maximum 10 adults.

Start your guided 5-hour outdoor adventure from Amsterdam with a short 15 minutes bus ride to a small Dutch village. Enjoy a beverage at a local cafe upon arrival and start our canoe tour afterwards.

Paddle through Old Holland's nature and villages, see the Dutch way of life and learn about the people in The Netherlands. You will learn about Waterland from your local guide, who will also be happy to answer all your questions. Explore the reed-lands and listen to signing birds while smelling the local plants. If the weather allows, the tour will also stop for a swim, so bring your swim gear with you!

Enjoy a picnic lunch including local products from the area you're paddling through one of the islands -- it might be a bit wet here so be prepared for your shoes to get wet and dirty.

Back at the cafe you will have time to enjoy another beverage before taking the bus back to Amsterdam where your outdoor adventure ends.

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Guided Sunset Canoe Tour and Dinner in Waterland from Amsterdam

Adventure Amsterdam
This 4 -4.5 hour guided sunset canoe tour shows you the countryside of the Netherlands close to Amsterdam. Just 15 minutes of Amsterdam Paddle through the polder landscape in Waterland with their meadowland birds, cows and sheep. This is the perfect tour if you have not much time, but like to see how flat The Netherlands is. It is the area that is been visit through Rembrandt. Paddle through a village what you can call Venice of the North. We have a picnic at a lake with a lovely view over the real original windmills...maybe a bit smaller than you expected. After this tour, you will know what a polder is and reclaimed land. We offer small groups, maximum of 10 adults per group.

After meeting in the afternoon in central Amsterdam, your guide will take you on a local bus to a small village close-by.

Enjoy a beverage upon your arrival in the Dutch countryside and board your canoe afterwards for an exciting sunset ride through the wetlands. It is an easy paddle and the perfect tour to get away from the busy city. Paddle for about 1.5 hours and see the area that inspired Rembrandt for his paintings. Passing original Dutch wooden houses in Waterland, this Eco tour is the best way to learn about and see why Amsterdam is build the way it is.

The tour will stop close to a lake for a dinner picnic. Here you can also go for a swim before you paddle back to the starting point for about 15 minutes. A beverage will await you at the end of your canoe paddling trip before the local bus takes you back to Amsterdam.

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The interactive city discovery game of Haarlem

Adventure Haarlem

Explore the Golden Streets of Haarlem, discover unique stories and unlock recommendations to local shops and cafes as you solve 12 cryptic clues.

This city discovery game is played through our web app. All you need to do is open the link you receive after purchase (check your spam/promotions folder!) in your smartphone's browser (data needed). The game is spread across 2,5km and takes around 1-2 hours to complete. The cryptic level of the clues is easy-medium.

This city discovery game is played through our web app. All you need to do is open the link you receive after purchase (check your spam/promotions folder!) in your smartphone's browser (data needed). The game is spread across 2,5km and takes around 1-2 hours to complete. The cryptic level of the clues is easy-medium.

The price for the trail is 24.00 euros per team. We recommended playing with 2-5 people per team.

You can play one trail per user at a time. You can share your unique link with your teammates so everyone can see the clues. Only one player (the team captain!) should be submitting the answers. If you run out of battery, someone else on the team can continue submitting the answers using the same link.

If you want to play with more than one team, simply buy more than one trail. You will receive a unique link per trail.

How Does It Work?

  • Start location & playing times: Grote Markt, in front of the church's entrance at number 22 between 10:00-15:00 on Tuesday-Saturday. Starting any later than 15:00 may result in certain locations, where you have to enter to find your answer, being closed.
  • Playing the game: To start playing open the link, that you received upon purchase, in your phone's browser. Then, simply press the Start button to start solving the first clue. As soon as you hit Start, the clock starts ticking.
  • Solving the riddles: Solve the 12 clues by typing the answers in the text box and tap the tick button to submit your answer. Most answers are made up of one word only or a number – there are a few exceptions.
  • Hints: If you need a little help, ask for a hint. Hints will get you nearer to the location where you can find the answer to your clue. Note there's only one hint per clue. Each hint you ask for will add 10mins ‘penalty time' to your overall time.
  • Skipping riddles: In case you'd like to skip a clue/riddle without solving it and want to receive the next one, press ‘Skip this clue'. We recommend asking for a hint before you skip a clue to make sure you are near the right spot to continue from. Skipping a clue adds 20mins ‘penalty time' to your overall time.
  • End location: you'll end near the starting location: de Grote Markt.