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Introducing the Coronavirus Safe Travel Country Map

The last year was quite the gut-punch for Faretrotter. The six months that lead up to the pandemic were spent putting gas in the tank – investing in the product, hiring more consultants, and beefing out marketing plans. I even found myself putting together a job description for a full-time hire because of this growth. … Read more

The challenges of a travel startup during COVID-19

There was a bit of hesitance to even write a blog about this. Usually, I reserve these topics for achievements or optimistic updates and always find it easy to be friendly and upbeat. 2020 is different. Today is different. Instead of being in a social setting, I don’t get to paint a picture of a … Read more

Interview: Andrew Beattie aka The Motelorcyclist

Yes, you read that correctly – it is, in fact, motelorcyclist. Andrew Beattie, owner of the Motelorcycle Chronicles and author of Sleeping Around in America, tours the open road by motorcycle and is a vintage motel enthusiast. Given the lengthy history and disappearance of motels across America, we were immediately drawn to how Andrew chronicles … Read more

To San Francisco

Most frequently, you can find me in a coffee shop, where I find flow in the dampened banter. At this very moment, I’m cruising at 28,000 feet from Atlanta to San Francisco, with eyes bloodshot from the lack of sleep. Although the flight attendants needed a doctor on board for a passenger who had been … Read more

Interview: Angela Sterley of Destination Drifter

This is a throwback interview with Angela Sterley of Destination Drifter from October 2016. We thought this was a great interview to include and as we revive our blog, we want to include some of our favorite posts from before. Angela Sterley owns and operates a travel blog called Destination Drifter, a destination-focused travel blog. … Read more


Taking a look at our 2019, how our travelers got around, and what we did as a company.

Faretrotter Multimodal Travel API 2.0

There’s soft banter in the background and an espresso machine grinding away in the distance. It’s a warm autumn day and the sun isn’t baking yet. I’m at Octane Coffee in Grant Park downing caffeine at an alarming rate. And as the jitters help keep the status of Faretrotter up to date, it’s almost starting … Read more

Introducing Faretrotter 2.0

It has truly been a long time in the making. I remember the exact moment in 2012 when I first thought of what would become Faretrotter — I was in Boulder, Colorado and I had just returned from a consulting trip to Belgium. Upon my return, we were in the living room in our small … Read more