Faretrotter APIs

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The API is in a RESTful format, with either JSON or XML responses available. Most endpoints support flexible geolocation parameter inputs, with many open source foreign keys, making for easy integration.


Places · Multimodal Transport · Unimodal Transport · Travel Companies


We only give access to select, established partners - receiving a minimum of 500 users per day. To obtain access to our API - please get in touch with us here. We will need information from you, including tax and business license information.


The Places endpoint provides information tied so a specific place - whether this is a physical location (restaurant, museum, etc.) - or city, state, or country.

As input queries, the API accepts generic geolocation informaton (including latitude/longitude, or generic names) as well as keys to other open source repositories, include GeoNames, OpenStreetMap, and other partners upon request.

Multimodal Transportation

The Multimodal Transportation endpoint returns route information between two specific points, for every applicable mode of transportation.

Similar to the Places API, this endpoint accepts generic geolocation information as inputs for origin and destination locations, as well as currency, format, and a few additional parameters.

Unimodal Transportation

The Unimodel Transportation endpoint is very similar to the Multimodal Transportation endpoint, but provides more details for a single mode of transportation. Further, it accepts the same inputs as Multimodal and returns in a similar format as well.

Travel Companies

The Travel Companies API returns information on all sorts of companies in the travel industry - not only limited to tour operators or transportation operators - but also technology providers, generic apps, startups, bloggers, and online communities.