train from Miami to FLL |

Searching transportation options just got a little bit easier with the world's first voice-activate multimodal search engine.

Faretrotter Alexa commands

You can search every mode of transport by talking to an Alexa-enabled device.





Public Transportation


Find all modes of transportation between cities

  • Alexa, New York City to Boston MA
  • Alexa, Miami Ohio to Chicago
  • Alexa, London to Paris France?

Find all connections from an airport

  • Alexa, EWR to Manhattan
  • Alexa, ATL to Decatur GA
  • Alexa, Chicago to ORD

Find specific mode from an airport

  • Alexa, subway from Manhattan to LGA
  • Alexa, train from SFO to San Francisco
  • Alexa, rideshare from Los Angeles to BUR

Find specific mode of transport between cities

  • Alexa, ferry from Boston to New York
  • Alexa, bus from Baltimore to Philadelphia
  • Alexa, train from London to Paris

Email yourself the search results

  • Alexa, email me
    This will email you your most recent search

Turn help tips on or off

  • Alexa, turn help on
    This will give you tips along the way

Turn device location on

  • Turning on device location in your Alexa app will allow you to automatically search from your device city