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Rita Ora

This week Music Rock
$50 Fri, May 25th 8pm
Atelierstraße 24

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Hitler and the Third Reich Munich Walking Tour

Tours Munich

Many of Munich's buildings carry the secrets of a dark past. Just six decades ago, Munich bore the official title, Hauptstadt der Bewegung, the Capital of the Nazi Movement. This was the city that the Allied Supreme Commander General Eisenhower called 'the cradle of the Nazi beast'. Find out why on this fascinating walking tour.

Munich was the birthplace of the Nazi Party and the home of its headquarters. The voice of Adolf Hitler resounded around the public squares and streets of Munich before being heard anywhere else in Germany. As the stage upon which some of the Nazis' most notorious crimes, from Hitler's failed Putsch to the horrific Kristallnacht, the largest anti-Semitic progrom seen in Europe for centuries and a dismal milestone on the road to the Holocaust were launched, Munich was the nursery of a movement that would shake humanity with some of the most infamous and terrible events in history.

In a unique and fascinating tour, our dedicated guide will open up this hidden history for you. We'll show you the beer-halls which hosted the first small gatherings of the fanatics who one day would lead the Third Reich, and the place where Hitler made his first major speeches. We'll walk you through the streets where Hitler and his brownshirts fought their way to power.

The irony is that while much of central Munich was devastated by Allied bombing, many Nazi buildings survived and still stand today. Standing alongside them are memorials to the city's many victims of Nazism, including those who sacrificed their lives in opposing its hateful ideology. We'll show you all these sites and give you the story.

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Munich City Hop-on Hop-off Tour

Tours Munich
Explore Munich with a 24h or 48h ticket aboard an open-top double-decker bus. See all the main sights as you hop on and hop off at conveniently located stops around the city. Listen to the guide and learn interesting facts. Spend as much or as little time at places of interest before jumping aboard for the next stop - the choice is yours!

M unich Grand Hop on Hop off Tour
Enjoy Munich in an open air double-decker buses. Discover the highlights of the city with a comprehensive Hop on Hop off tour. Our route invites you to discover sights such as the Pinakotheken art museums, the world famous Hofbrauhaus, the National Theater with the Royal Palace, Marienplatz and the Viktualien market with its colorful outdoor stalls.

Our tour continues to the Palace of Nymphenburg, the former summer residence of the Bavarian elector princes and kings with its beautiful and spacious gardens. To get an impression of modern Munich, you will visit the Olympic grounds where you will find other attractions like Sea Life, the BMW museum and the new BMW Car World. You will have a fantastic panoramic view from the top of the 290 meter high Olympic Tower. Later we will pass through the former artist quarter of Schwabing where you may stroll along Leopold street. The frequent stopping points make this tour an unforgettable Munich experience. (Non-stop tour takes 2.5hours)

unich Express Hop on Hop off tour
Discover the highlights of our city with our concise Hop on Hop off tour in our open air double-decker buses. Our route presents to you such famous sights as the Pinakotheken art museums, the world famous Hofbrauhaus, the National Theater with the Royal Palace, Marienplatz and the Viktualien market with its colorful outdoor stalls. (Non stop tour takes 1 hour)

H op On and Hop Off Stops:

1.Train Station / Bahnhofplatz in front of department store KARSTADT 2. Pinakotheken for Museums District 3. Odeonsplatz 4. Icewave 5. Marienplatz / Tal for City Hall, Cathedral, Church St Peter, Viktualien Food Market, Hofbraeuhaus 6. Max-Joseph-Platz for Opera House and Residence with Treasure Chamber 7. Karlsplatz / Stachus for Pedestrian Zone 8. Nymphenburg Palace for Royal Gardens, Amalienburg, Botanical Gardens 9. BMW World & Museum 10. Olympic Park for Oympic Stadium, Olympic Tower, Sea Life Aquarium and Shuttle Bus to 10+. Allianz Arena FC Bayern Munich Football Stadium (just from Apr 01st till Oct 31st and not on match days) 11. Schwabing / English Garden for Artist District, Open Air Cafes

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Munich Christmas Markets Tour

Tours Munich
Get swept up in the festive atmosphere of the Christmas markets in Munich, Germany, on this family-friendly tour. Your guide will explain the history and displays at various Christmas markets around Munich's Old Town including Christkindlmarkt in Marienplatz, the Christmas village at the Munich Residenz and the Medieval Market near Odeonsplatz. Admire beautiful Nativity scenes, shop for hand-crafted gifts, and savor hot mulled wine (Glühwein) as you discover the best of the more than 20 Christmas markets in Munich.

Meet your guide at Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) in early afternoon to begin your 2-hour exploration of several Christmas markets near Munich's Old Town. Your knowledgeable guide will share the history of Christmas markets in Munich -- which dates back 600 years -- and explain the displays at the markets and various German Christmas traditions. Inhale the scent of roasted nuts and hot spiced wine and hum along to Christmas music as you stroll among market stalls bedecked with fairy lights.

Witness the spectacle of Christkindlmarkt, the main city market that fills Marienplatz, and see the impressive Christmas crib market. Visit the smaller Sendliger Tor market, wander the Christmas village in the courtyard of the Munich Residenz, and admire the Nativity scene at Old Town Hall. You'll also go to the Medieval Market near Odeonsplatz with its handmade stalls and stall-holders dressed in period costume.

Savor your complimentary Lebkuchen, a gingerbread-like cake that's a local seasonal treat. Throughout your Munich Christmas market tour, you'll have the opportunity to purchase hand-crafted gifts and hot mulled wine (Glühwein). Your tour of Munich's captivating Christmas markets ends at the Medieval Market, so it's easy to continue shopping on your own!

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Munich by Night and Dinner at Hofbrauhaus

Tours Munich
Passing by the beautifully illuminated monuments, fountains, and buildings of Munich, you will arrive at the Hofbrauhaus. At the world famous Hofbrauhaus you will be treated to an evening of Bavarian entertainment with music, a show and dinner.

Have you already experienced Munich at night? No? Then it's hight time you do! In 4 hours we will show you an unforgettable city at sunset! Our evening tour takes you through the illuminated Munich. You will enjoy a Bavarian evening with music and dinner in the famous Hofbräuhaus. After your cultural dining experience, pass through the former artists' quarter Schwabing and continue to The Olympic Park where you can ascend the Olympic Tower to enjoy a marvelous view of the city lights. A drink at the Olympic Tower will round out the evening. Price includes: Dinner with a drink, ascent of Olympic Tower and a drink there.

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Munich Segway Tour

Tours Munich
Cruise effortlessly through Munich's parks and sidewalks as you view the sights by Segway! Aboard the self-balancing, personal transportation device that's designed to operate in any pedestrian environment, your Munich Segway Tour is limited to a maximum of 8 participants per guide, so you can count on an extremely personal experience.

Riding a Segway is intuitive and easy to learn. Once you're comfortable on the machines, Your Munich Segway Tour will leave the pedestrian old-city sites to explore Munich from its modest beginnings to the vibrant city it is today. You'll not only have a great time riding your Segway, but also see what makes this city so unique.

Highlights of the tour include:

  • Hofgarten, Royal Gardens
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat
  • The Walking Man icon
  • Englischer Garten
  • Deutsches Museum
  • Gartnerplatz
  • Viktualienmarkt (farmers market)
  • Residenz (former Royal residence)
  • Jewish Museum

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Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Day Tour from Munich

Multiday Tour Munich
King Ludwig II built two of his dream castles, Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, hidden away in the Bavarian mountains. This trip from Munich shows you both of these extraordinary castles, the legacy of Bavaria's fairy-tale king. Capture the grandeur of these castles and the picturesque mountain scenery of Bavaria in one magical day.

Departing Munich, visit the smallest of three royal castles, Linderhof, which was built by King Ludwig II during the 19th century as a hunting lodge. Built in French Rococo style, the castle has a Moorish pavilion which can be visited during your one hour stay. You have the option to join a guided tour of the interior of Linderhof.

After departing Linderhof, you will have a short shopping stop in Oberammergau, world-famous for its woodcarvers, richly painted houses (Luftl-paintings) and Passion Play.

On the approach to Neuschwanstein, it will quickly become clear as to why this magnificent neo-Romanesque style castle is the most well known castle in the world. It appears through the mist like something out of a fairytale, and you will not be surprised to hear that the man who conceived its design - King Ludwig II, was considered quite eccentric. If it all seems very familiar, it may be because the castle was the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

You will stop in Hohenschwangau, a small town at the feet of the castle, where you'll have 4 hours at disposal for lunch and to explore the grounds of Neuschwanstein. You'll also have the option of joining a guided tour of the interior of the castles if you wish.

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Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour from Munich by Train

Multiday Tour Munich

Venture out of Munich by local transport for a comprehensive tour through Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. An authorized guide will share important information concerning the survivors who'd been imprisoned in Dachau throughout the course of World War II. Today, Dachau is a place of memory, pilgrimage and education, and makes for an illuminating day trip from Munich.

Join up with your guide and group at Munich Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof), and then travel by train and bus (transport costs included) to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, just under an hour away.

Outside the town of Dachau, a memorial site stands on the grounds of the former concentration camp. Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp in Germany during the Holocaust, and it was the originator and training ground for the vast order of brutality that spread over half of Europe in the wake of the armies of the Third Reich, and which ultimately culminated in history's greatest crime.

On this half-day tour, you'll spend around three hours exploring the memorial site with your guide. Tour the exhibition center and former compound, and learn about the history of Dachau, World War II, and the Holocaust. See reconstructed barracks, guard houses, cells, crematorium, and administration headquarters, and take a moment to reflect at the site's memorials.

While each camp was responsible for its own particular form of barbarism, what distinguished Dachau is that almost everything that happened in the system as a whole happened at some level there. Almost every category of victim passed through its Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Sets You Free) gate, including German dissidents, outspoken clergymen, Jehovah's Witnesses, gay men, Jewish people and Polish citizens. Today's memorial site combines the historical authenticity of the original environment and its many surviving buildings with the function of a modern exhibition center. It is a place of memory, of pilgrimage and of education.

After your visit, your guide will accompany you back to Munich, where your tour concludes at the original departure point.

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Romantic Road, Rothenburg, and Harburg Day Tour from Munich

Multiday Tour Munich
Surround yourself with castles and medieval villages as you travel along the Romantic Road during a full day escorted tour from Munich to Harburg and Rothenburg. There's plenty of free time at each stop, so there's plenty of time for lunch and exploring at your own leisurely pace.

Your first stop is Harburg, one of the oldest, largest and best preserved castles of Southern Germany. It was an important military stronghold during the 11th and 12th centuries. Through the Swabian crater landscape passing Dinkelsbuhl, you will arrive in Rothenburg, a preserved medieval town in Europe. Spend about three hours in Rothenburg, with plenty of time for sightseeing, lunch, and shopping.

A popular attraction is the Kathe Wolhfahrt Christmas Store on Herrngasse, a large store open year round where you can purchase ornaments, nutcrackers, and other Christmas items. Many of the highlights in Rothenburg are centered around Marktplatz, such as the Town Hall with its Rothenburg History Museum, and St Jakob's Church, a Gothic building with soaring ceilings filled with light.

You will return to Munich via the Hallertau, the world's largest hop-growing area.

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Berchtesgaden and Eagle's Nest Day Tour from Munich

Multiday Tour Munich
Embark on a guided tour of Berchtesgaden Mountains, Hitler's mountain retreat and the southern headquarters of the Nazi party on a full day coach trip from Munich. Eagle's Nest is a mountain top lodge built by the Nazis, and is a fascinating sight of historical significance. Located at 6,148 feet (1,834 meters) on top of Mt Kehlstein, the lodge has some of Germany's most amazing views of the Alps mountain range. Ironically, Hitler suffered from vertigo and rarely took pleasure in the views.

Due to the World War II bombings by the Royal Air Force, there is little evidence left of Hitler and the Nazi party's presence, however Eagle's Nest still stands.

From mid May to October, you will have the option to take a bus ride up the mountain to see Eagle's Nest for yourself. The last 390 feet (120 meters) of the trip is in a brass-clad elevator. During the winter months or during inclement weather when access to Eagle's Nest is restricted, you will instead visit the world famous Salt Mines. Wearing traditional mining gear you will descend into the depths of the mine where you can see glowing salt grottoes and a subterranean salt lake.

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Swarovski Crystal Worlds and Innsbruck Day Trip from Munich

Multiday Tour Munich
The Olympic town of Innsbruck is the only major city in the European Alps, and offers its visitors a combination of culture, history and nature. See the world's largest crystal at Swarovski's Crystal World and pass by the venues of the Winter Olympic Games of 1964 and 1976.

Enjoy a drive along some of Bavaria's most beautiful lakes as you travel through the Karwendel mountains to Innsbruck, the city of the Golden Roof, and the Tirolean capital.

One of the highlights of your tour is a visit to Swarovski's Crystal World. The complex was designed by the famous Austrian performer - artist Andre Heller, and it takes you on a interesting journey into the world of crystals. At Swarovski's Crystal World you will find the world's biggest crystal which weighs 137 pounds (62 kilograms) and the largest Kaleidoscope in the world.

In Innsbruck you will have enough time to savor the sights of the historical center such as the Hofburg and Hofkirche, and you will pass the venues of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympic Games, before returning to Munich.

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Munich Walking Tour with a Private Guide

Private Tours Munich
Start with a morning pickup from your personal guide from your hotel or apartment. From there you will see several Munich highlights that include: Marienplatz with City Hall, Odeon Square, the Synagogue, the Residence (500-year old Palace of Bavarian Dukes), and much more. After exploring the streets for 3 hours, the tour will end at Viktualienmarkt. There, you can shop and enjoy a delicious Bavarian lunch on your own.

Munich's history is long and varied, strongly connected with Germany's history as a whole. At the same time, it is quite unique and a great showpiece for Bavarian traditions. Today, Munich is a strong and vibrant city. The insights of a local, help make sense of the traditions, trends and promises of Bavaria's Capital. Your personal guide will pick you up from your hotel or apartment at 9:30am to show you the highlights of Munich and point out the many hidden treasures. Sites visited will include the Marienplatz with City Hall (Old and New),  Frauenkirche (Munich's famous landmark), Odeon Square, the Synagogue, and the Residence (500-year old Palace of Bavarian Dukes). The ast stop will be the Viktualienmarkt, where you may want to shop and enjoy a delicious Bavarian lunch.

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Private Munich Walking Tour

Private Tours Munich

The absolute best of Munich's History! On this Private Munich City Walking Tour we will visit the old city center of Munich, and explore the amazing history hidden within it's streets and courtyards. Our professional guides with years of experience and a large portfolio of images will provide you with best experience this city has to offer.

This Private Munich City Walking Tour begins in your inner city Munich hotel lobby or on Marienplatz, Munich's city center square. The tour will then immerse you in Munich's diverse histor, from Munich's origins to it's more modern history and everything between.
Below are just some of the topics and location that will be discussed and explored during this tour.

  • Marienplatz- Munich's main central square & meeting place.
  • Glockenspiel- Possibly the city's biggest tourist attraction! This legendary Rathaus clock can been seen moving at 11am, 12pm & (5pm from March until October).
  • Viktualienmarkt- Munich's fresh food Market & Beer Garden.
  • St. Peters Church- The oldest church within the Altstadt.
  • Beer Hall Putsch- Adolf Hitler's failed attempt to overthrow the Bavarian Government in November 1923.
  • Frauenkirche- Munich's twin towered & enormous church that legend says was built by the devil...
  • Hofbräuhaus- The royal brewery & the world's most famous beer hall, with a hidden darker history.
  • Odeonsplatz- Theatine Church of St. Cajetan & the Feldherrnhalle.
  • Max Joseph Platz -Munich State Theatre & Opera House.
  • The history of brewing in Bavaria and the Reinheitsgebot (beer purity law).
  • Reichspogromnacht- The Night of Broken Glass, one of the major stepping-stones towards the Holocaust started in Munich.
  • Oktoberfest- The world's largest folk festival!
  • The Royal Residenz- The largest city palace in Germany & the home to the Wittelsbach Bavarian Royal Family for hundreds of year
  • Rise of the Nazi Party- Munich was the birthplace of National Socialism & was known as the Hauptstadt der Bewegung - The Capital of the Movement.
We are looking forward to sharing everything we know about Munich with you.

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Munich Austrian Alps, Hallstatt, and Salzburg Private Day Trip

Private Tours Munich
Enjoy a private visit to two different beautiful Alpine cities in one day. This 8-hour private tour for no more than 3 will travel from Munich to Hallstatt, navigating through the beautiful countrysides of Bavaria and Austria, with stunning views over Lake Hallstatt. Take a walking tour though Salzburg and get the opportunity to visit the castle, and the Royal Residence. All travel by first class long-wheelbase Limousines with comfortable seats with extra leg room, complimentary refreshments, and WiFi on board. Truly a wonderful day among the Austrian Alps.

Be picked up from your central Munich hotel and be whisked away in a luxury Limousine shuttle to some of the most beautiful places in the Salzburg area. Sit back and enjoy the view of the surrounding countryside while you are driven to Hallstatt and Salzburg.

Your first visit will be at Hallstatt, riding through the beautiful countryside. After your visit to Hallstatt, you will be taken for a lunch break (at own expense), with a stunning view over Lake Hallstatt. Once your lunch is complete, your driver and private guide will take you to Salzburg city with a drive though the picturesque Austrian countryside, with its amazing views of Lake Fuschl.

Once in Salzburg you'll get a walking tour though the city and have an opportunity to visit the castle, the Royal Residence and maybe Mozart's House. After a beautiful day in the Austrian Alps your driver will drive you back to Munich.

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Private Castle Tour from Munich: Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, and Linderhof

Private Tours Munich
Enjoy this full-day private tour to visit 3 different castles in one day. The tour will begin in Munich and will include 3 castle visits. Your first visit will be at Neuschwanstein Castle with ride through the beautiful countryside. After your visit to Neuschwanstein Castle, you will be taken for a lunch break with your small group. Once your lunch is complete, your driver and private guide will take you to Hohenschwangau Castle.

After your visits to Hohenschwangau Castle, your last visit will be to Linderhof castle, where you will take a short coffee break. Your tour will continue at Linderhof castle and have some time to take a walk though the beautiful Park. After a great day in the Bavarian Alps your driver will drive you back to Munich.

Enjoy the hassle-free service with a luxury Limousine shuttle to most beautiful castles around Munich. Sit back and enjoy the view of beautiful countryside while we are driving you to the castles in Bavaria. All our Limousines are BMW 7 Series long-wheelbase with comfort seats and it provides extra leg room, complimentary refreshments and WiFi on board.

The tour will begin in Munich and will include 3 tours. Your first visit will be at Neuschwanstein Castle with ride through the beautiful countryside. After your visit to Neuschwanstein Castle, you will be taken for a lunch break with your small group.  After the lunch, you will be taken to Hohenschwangau Castle including the museum.

After your visits to Hohenschwangau Castle, your last visit will be to Linderhof Castle, where you will take a short coffee break. After that, you will continue your tour at Linderhof Castle and have some time to take a walk though the beautiful Park. After a great day in the Bavarian Alps your driver will drive you back to Munich.

Important to keep the tight schedule, to start the Day by leaving the Hotel in Munich by latest 8 a.m. Its a 1 1/2 hour drive to Neuschwanstein, the tours with walking up to each castle takes 2 hours or more. If we start later you might not get the chance to go in to the Castle Linderhof (only a walk though the Park area and look at the outside of the Castle)

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Private Herrenchiemsee Castle Tour from Munich with Cruise and Carriage Ride

Private Tours Munich
This 7-hour private day tour to Herrenchiemsee from Munich will take you to Lake Chiemsee, where you can enjoy a beautiful boat ride to the Herrenchiemsee Island. From there you'll be taking a horse carriage ride to the castle where you will get a tour trough the castle in English. After the tour you will have the chance to go to the museum. Afterwards a lunch table will be reserved for you. After Lunch you'll take the boat to the next Island (Frauenchiemsee) and after some time there, the boat takes you back to the mainland where you'll have some time for a coffee break before heading back to Munich.

Enjoy the hassle-free service with a luxury limousine shuttle to one of our beautiful castle's around Munich. Sit back and enjoy the view of beautiful countryside while you are being chauffeured you to the castle. All limousines are BMW 7 Series long-wheelbase with comfort seats and it provides extra leg room, complimentary refreshments and WiFi on board.

This package is for 2 persons and includes entrance Tickets for the castle, the museum, the boat and Carriage ride, lunch and coffee reservation as well as the whole day with the chauffeur and a limousine.

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Munich Bike Tour

Bike Tours Munich
Bike Munich to make the most of its wide open parks, elegant plazas, meandering riverbanks, beer gardens and winding medieval alleyways. Bike paths are the secret passageways to Munich's heartland's. Your guide will show you around one of the world's great cycle cities.

Beginning from the Central Train Station, your guide will bike you around the best routes, tell you interesting stories and the perfect spots to stop for a quick drink. Start in Royal Munich where lies the great neo-classical plaza, Konigsplatz (Munich's Acropolis), and a few minutes from there is the equally imposing Odeonsplatz. Both are the legacy of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, a 19th century monarch who set out to put Munich on the map as a center of European royal grandeur. He dreamed of building a great city of Kings. He actually built a great city of cyclists!

From Odeonsplatz, you'll cycle through the picturesque royal gardens and on into the truly magnificent Englischer Garten, Europe's largest city park. In the midst of this, you'll stop at the famous Chinese Tower beer garden for refreshments. Then cruise along the lovely banks of the river Isar, which will finally lead you back into the heart of Munich's beautiful Old Town.

The charming old pedestrianized medieval streets that encircle Marienplatz wind around churches and markets and cafes and are a cyclist's haven. Frequent stops will be made on this relaxed and fun tour and your guide is there to give you their inside knowledge, tips and advice. Want to meet other visitors, see the city together and have a laugh? This is the way to do it.

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Full-Day Tour to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich by Train Including Bike Ride from Fuessen

Bike Tours Munich
Enjoy a skip-the-line ticket to Neuschwanstein Castle at 9:50am from Munich by train (at own expense) direct to Fuessen. From Fuessen bike ride along the beautiful scenery along the alps to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. It is recommend that you buy a round trip ticket "Bayern ticket" as it is a budget ticket

Board the train from Munich central station to Fuessen station at 9:50am (train ticket "Bayern ticket" at own expense) and enjoy a bike ride from Fuessen to Hohenschwangau. Please note, you will have to switch trains once on the route to Fuessen (exact schedule will be provided after booking).

Bike through the historical town of Fussen first, visit the St. Mang Monestery with Fussen Castle and continue to the waterfall and along Lech river right on the boarder to Austria along the Alps. Your last stop and highlight of the day will be Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castle as well as Marienbridge and Alpssee.

Reach the historical town of Fussen again around 5pm before your return trip to Munich. Take the chance to spend more time in Fuessen on your own before returning to Munich by train.

Note: It is recommended to purchase a "Bayern Ticket" train ticket from Munich, which can be used for the return trip as well. The train at 9:50am from Munich to Fuessen is a direct train, which takes about 2 hours (scheduled arrival in Fuessen is 11:55am). Please check the train schedule before your trip to ensure you will arrive in Fuessen on time. Trains from Fuessen to Munich usually leave on an hourly schedule.

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Munich Half-Day City and English Garden Bike Tour

Bike Tours Munich
See Munich on two wheels during this half-day bicycle tour. At a leisurely pace, discover landmarks like the lively Marienplatz and the Schwabing student district. Stop frequently to check out the architecture, take photos, and learn about the city's fascinating history and culture from your local guide. Stretch your legs through the English Garden and watch the surfers on the Eisbach River, then conclude the tour with a beer and lunch (at your own expense) at the Hofbräukeller Beer Garden.

Make your way to Marienplatz in Munich's city center at 10:45am to greet your guide by the "Tourist Information" area. Hop on your bicycle and pedal through the lively plaza until you reach your first stop: the Hofbräuhaus. Hear how Munich's most famous beer hall has played a role in the country's history, then visit the Royal Gardens and the City Palace. Make a stop at Hitler's former headquarters and learn about the darker side of Munich's history.

With your group and your guide, cycle through the Schwabing student district. Make a stop at the university, where you'll hear about the German resistance after the Third Reich. Next up is a stop at the Chinese Tower, then head to the Beer Garden to have a local brew and some lunch (at your own cost).

After lunch, cruise through the English Garden along the Eisbach River. Watch the surfers catching the river's famous "standing wave," then conclude the tour on the other side of the river around 2pm.

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Small-Group eBike Day Tour to the Garmisch Alps and Munich Uplands from Munich Including Picnic Lunch

Bike Tours Munich
Enjoy a small-group day tour during the summer months and discover the most beautiful places between Munich and the Garmisch Alps including a fine picnic featuring selected regional specialties. You will meet at the BOB (Bayerische Oberland-Bahn) train station in Lenggries, easy to reach from downtown Munich in one hour by train (train station Hackerbrücke, next to the Munich Central Station). From there, you will ride your eBike from Lenggries to the beautiful Walchensee and back to Lenggries along the romantic upper reaches of the river Isar, a route of 75 km (approx. 47 miles).

Tour 2: Lenggries – Walchensee – Lenggries (75 km)

This Walchensee tour will lead you from Lenggries through the wild-romantic mountain landscape of the Jachenau to the Walchensee (lake). Its unique turquoise water surface serves as a backdrop for a break with an extended Bavarian snack. At the foot of the Karwendelgebirge (mountain region) you will follow the still untamed upper reaches of the Isar up to the Sylvenstein reservoir, without which the relationship of the Bavarian state capital to the river Isar would not always be so harmonious.
From there, the bikes run almost by themselves back to Lenggries, which is the end of a tour through one of the most diversified landscapes of Upper Bavaria.

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Tegernsee Alps eBike Day Tour from Munich Including Lunch

Bike Tours Munich
Enjoy this small-group day tour during the summer months and discover the most beautiful places between Munich and the Garmisch Alps. Along the way, stop for a fine picnic lunch featuring selected regional specialties. You will meet at the BOB (Bayerische Oberland-Bahn) train station in Tegernsee, easy to reach from Munich Central station, one hour by train. From there you will ride your eBike from Tegernsee via the beautiful valley of the Valepp to the Spitzingsee and back to Miesbach (train station to Munich) along the lakefront of the Schliersee. A route of 43 km (approximately 27 miles).

Tour 3: Tegernsee – Valepp – Schliersee (43 km)

A little more than a hundred years ago, the unspoiled mountain landscape between Tegernsee and Schliersee was the favorite hunting ground of the legendary Bavarian poacher Jennerwein, who was seen as one of the Bavarian national heroes. In front of this imposing and historic backdrop, our tour begins along the lake Tegernsee, past the 1200 years old Benedictine monastery and then through the valley of the rivers Rottach and the Red and White Valepp (Brotzeit - Bavarian snack!) up to the lake Spitzingsee. After a rapid descent to the lake Schliersee, our “Poacher Tour” in the alpine foothills ends at the train station of Miesbach.

Arrival by BOB to Tegernsee and departure from Miesbach (about 1 hour from Munich).
Departure by S-Bahn/BOB in Munich around 8am.
Arrival in the city of Munich around 8pm.

Wednesday and Friday (07/04/2018 – 08/31/2018).
Special appointments by arrangement.

90 € per person
(including pedelon eBike, tour guide, picnic at lunch time incl. drink, cycle helmet).
Minimum number of participants: 2

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Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour in Munich

Booze Tour Munich
Prost! Munich is the beer capital of the world. Home of the beer-halls, beer-gardens, beer-cellars and the legendary Oktoberfest. They've been brewing 'liquid bread' here for 3000 years and they do it better than anyone else. In the company of a local guide, take an evening to travel into the heart of Munich's beer culture. Drink where locals drink and feast on Bavarian snacks as you discover an array of Munich's history and culture.

Discover how beer is brewed and the fascinating story of German brewing. For as long as there have been Germans, there has been beer. From the ancient tribal Hausfrauen brew-women, through the great monastic breweries of the middle ages, to the revered Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law) of 1516, which continues to be the measure of excellence in brewing today. The world has looked to Germany to set the standards of what a cool drink of great beer should be. And Germany looks to Munich. We'll show you why.

You'll emerge, well informed on the different types of beer available as you sample them for yourself. Sample the best traditional Bavarian food including Weisswurst veal sausage, dumpling, roast pork, the celebrated Obatzda cheese and more. There's an exclusive private tour through the beautiful new Beer and Oktoberfest Museum in one of Munich's most historic buildings (standing since 1347) as well as a traditional beer garden to soak up before concluding at the world-famous Hofbräuhaus.

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Behind-the-Scenes Brewery and Beer Tour in Munich

Booze Tour Munich
Whether you're in Munich for Oktoberfest or just want to experience its famous beer scene, this behind-the-scenes beer tour will give you the inside scoop of one of the city's most renowned breweries. Beer brewing is an art in Germany, a centuries-old tradition that you'll learn about with an experienced guide. Tour a big bavarian brewery, meet the master brewers and enjoy some beer samples accompanied by a fresh Bavarian pretzel.

Meet your guide in central Munich and then head by coach to the Spaten brewery. When you arrive, meet experienced brewmasters who will tell you all about the brewery's history and Germany's beer culture.
Learn how the beer is brewed according to the original Bavarian ‘Order of Purity,' which follows the Bavarian Purity Law enacted in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. This law ended ‘experimenting' with ingredients and ensured that what went into beer was simple and restricted – only barley, hops, water and yeast.

Enjoy the tour of a brewery to see sights like their malting towers, brewhouses, fermenting tanks, beer cellars and wells. Then you'll finally get what you've been waiting for – a beer tasting! While you sample the beer, you'll also enjoy a fresh Bavarian pretzel.

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Munich Oktoberfest Tickets and Tour

Booze Tour Munich
Experience Munich's famous Oktoberfest beer festival, with guaranteed seating in the Hofbräu-Festzelt — the biggest and liveliest tent at Oktoberfest — 2 litres of beer and half a roast chicken included. Take a guided tour of the festival grounds, ride on Oktoberfest's famous Ferris wheel and take your seat to enjoy the festival to the full. Taking place over two weeks in late September and early October, Oktoberfest has grown into the world's largest beer festival and attracts millions of visitors from across the world each year. Book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Begin your Oktoberfest experience with a guided tour and learn all about the history, heritage and traditions behind the world's biggest beer festival. Take a spin on the famous Oktoberfest Ferris wheel for a bird's eye view of the entire festival ground — a great way to get your bearings before getting the first round in!
At midday, follow your guide and find your reserved seats in the lively Hofbräu tent, sister to Munich's famous Hofbräuhaus brewery. The Hofbräu tent is the biggest of the festival, boasting a total capacity of almost 10,000. Your first 2 litres of beer and half a roast chicken (mandatory when reserving tables at the Oktoberfest!) are included, and your table is reserved for approximately five hours.
With live entertainment provided by the festival's Hofbräu-Festzelt brass band, let loose and enjoy Oktoberfest to the full with your friends. Dancing on the tables is by no means compulsory, but it's certainly encouraged!
After approximately 7 hours inside the festival, exit to conclude your tour.

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Munich Beer and Brewery Tour Including Samples

Booze Tour Munich
Beer aficionados will delight in a behind-the-scenes look at the world's beer capital during this 3.5-hour evening in Munich. Along with your beer-loving guide, take a tour of the city's historic beer halls and breweries. Enjoy a guided tour of a brewery to see how Bavarian beer is made, sample a variety of brews, and learn fun facts (and secrets) about Germany's "liquid bread." Cap off the evening at the world-famous Hofbräuhaus, where you'll have the option to purchase dinner — and of course, more beer.

At the appointed time (varies seasonally), make your way to Munich's Marienplatz to meet your guide and begin this 3.5-hour insider's look at the city's world-famous beer halls and breweries. 

Start off by visiting one of Munich's best old beer halls; a favorite among locals and famous for its lager, which still served from a wood barrel. Fortified by your first beer, make your way to one of Munich's breweries to learn about the Bavarian brewing process. Sip some of the offered beers, and have the opportunity to purchase dinner in the brewery.

Learn why beer is good for your health, the length monks went to in order to satisfy their thirst during Lent, where and how beer was first made thousands of years ago, how to fully appreciate the taste of beer, what the beer purity law means, and more. End the evening at the world's most famous beer hall: the Hofbräuhaus. Try a wheat beer (Weissbier) and a lager, which range in strength from 5% to 8% alcohol; see if you can conquer a mass (one liter of beer); or try some of the Hofbräuhaus' light or dark house beer.

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Munich 4-Hour Beer Tour

Booze Tour Munich
Munich, often called the “Beer Capital of the World”, is a city teeming with beer halls and beer gardens, where the amber liquid flows without end. Since 1516, Germans have been perfecting the art of making the world´s greatest beers, but it´s the laid-back attitude and popular tradition of beer drinking that has travelers flocking to Munich. Home of the celebrated Weizenbier, Helles, Bock and Dunkles, it isn´t surprising that more beer is consumed in this region than anywhere else in Germany!

Enjoy three samples of Munich's finest beers in some of the city's best beer gardens and beer halls. Surround yourself with new friends, some of the world's best beers, bratwurst and other classic German cuisine. Come and find out why beer is one of the quintessential elements of Munich's Bavarian heritage, and learn how it plays a significant role in history. Your tour includes three free sample beers (0.3L per sample). Additional drinks and food are can be purchased separately. 

Please note: If guests come late, they can always find the group at the Wirtshaus Rechthaler Hof from Ayinger, Arnulfstr.10 (north side of the station). The group will be there until 7pm.

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Salzburg Small-Group Day Tour from Munich

Transportation Munich

Take a day trip to the home town of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on a guided full-day rail tour from Munich to Salzburg. Considered one of the jewels in the crown of Europe, the city of Salzburg has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, framed by the majestic backdrop of the snow-capped Alps and famed for its old-world glamour.

Salzburg is also one of the most popular movie tourism destinations in the world for one simple reason, The Sound of Music. With a group of up to 25 people, you will see sights you'll remember from the silver screen. Salzburg is one of the finest preserved medieval old towns in Europe, criss-crossed with winding streets and venerable market places and adorned with architectural monuments of the later baroque era. Piazzas and fountains, the stunning Domkirche Cathedral, palaces, gardens, churches, monasteries, confectioneries and patisseries. And towering above it all, the breathtaking 900 year old fortress Festung Hohensalzburg, the magnificent edifice that dominates the city's skyline.

Your expert guide will bring you on a train ride from Munich to Austria and back again and put their knowledge of the city and what is best to see and do at your service. We'll provide you with a map and give you a 1.5-hour orientation tour through the major sites. You'll then have three hours to explore the city for yourself before the return journey. We have the inside knowledge of what to see and where to go and are dedicated to helping you experience the city by the most convenient and most efficient means.

The journey to Salzburg takes approximately two hours by train. Germany's rail system is world renowned and this journey to the Alps is no exception. Trains are clean, comfortable and equipped with washrooms. Feel free to walk around and chat to your fellow travelers as well as your guide, who can answer any questions about Munich and Bavaria.

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Neuschwanstein Castle Small-Group Day Tour from Munich

Transportation Munich
The enchanting old-world town of Fussen lies in the foot hills of the Alps, framed by one of the most breathtaking natural settings in the world. Traveling with your small group guided tour from Munich, you'll tour the ethereal Neuschwanstein Castle, be taken to the best vantage points; the lake, the postcard-perfect aerial view of the equally beautiful Hohenschwangau Castle and to the waterfall gorge.

This glorious folly was built in the 19th century by the famed "mad" King Ludwig II, a man intoxicated by myth and who himself became a legend. The shimmering white towers of the castle among the clouds are instantly recognizable to many and is the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle, and is also famous as the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle. To visit it is to step inside a fairy tale.

Your guide will tell the engaging story of King Ludwig's renowned and tragic reign, of his turbulent times, and of the obsession that drove him to build his fantasy castle in the mountains and ultimately destroyed him. Take an exclusive internal tour of the king's private chambers with a specialist castle guide.

Entrance fees to the Neuschwanstein Castle are not included. A supplement of 14 euros (per adult ) is payable direct in the tour office where you check in for the tour. This guided tour includes advance booking so you can skip long lines and gain quick access to the Neuschwanstein Castle. Don't waste time waiting in lines on vacation!

The journey to Neuschwanstein takes approximately 2 hours by bus or train. Germany's rail system is world renown and this journey to the Alps is no exception. Offering spectacular views, trains are clean, comfortable and equipped with washrooms. Feel free to walk around and chat to your fellow travellers as well as your guide, who can answer any questions about Munich and Bavaria.

The form of transportation is seasonal, see below :

January - April : by Train

May - October 15th :  by Private Coach

October 16th - November : by Train

December : by Private Coach

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Herrenchiemsee Palace Rail Trip from Munich

Transportation Munich
Visit one of Germany's loveliest royal attractions on a full-day rail trip to Herrenchiemsee Palace. Explore the islands of Herreninsel and Fraueninsel in Chiemsee, Bavaria's largest lake, and experience the magnificent allure of the palace grounds.

Escape from Munich to Herreninsel, a tranquil island in Chiemsee Lake that is home to the stunning Herrenchiemsee Palace. Built in the 19th century by King Ludwig II, this royal landmark sits amid picturesque Bavarian scenery of majestic lakes and mountains. With elegant gardens, walkways and ornate interiors of gold, glass and porcelain, this palace reflects pure opulence. Some even say that many of its features, like the vast Hall of Mirrors, surpass that of the Palace of Versailles.

The grand architecture of Herrenchiemsee was a pinnacle of King Ludwig's mad ambitions of building fairy-tale palaces in Bavaria. His eccentric and troubled personality is exemplified through the celebrated elevated dining table, which could be lowered through the floor to the kitchen below so that the reclusive king did not have to see his servants. The palace is currently running a Bavarian State Exhibition, offering a behind-the-scenes insight into King Ludwig II's time there. Entrance fees to the palace and the exhibition are not included. A supplement of eight euros (per person) is payable direct. Not included in the price and payable direct is also the cost of the boat journey, approx. eleven euros (per person).

This train and boat trip from Munich includes another Chiemsee island destination – the petite island of Fraueninsel, with origins dating back 1,300 years. You will have free time to explore both islands and indulge in their rich history.

On this complete day trip by train, you will have one of the most unique and breathtaking experiences in Germany.

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Nuremberg Day Trip from Munich

Transportation Munich
Travel to Nuremburg by train on a full-day trip to one of Germany's most beautiful cities. Enjoy a fully-guided visit of the city, as well as an optional visit to the Documentation Center on this rail tour from Munich. Nuremberg is a beautiful, old city with a vibrant history. This was where the Third Reich strutted in all of its pomp against an epic backdrop of grandiose marching grounds. It was also where an international war crimes tribunal later held that same Nazi leadership to account amidst the rubble of the defeated city.

The locations of the iconic scenes captured in films such as Triumph of the Will - the rally grounds where Hitler addressed his multitudes, the astonishing Congress Hall, the entire region designed as a "new Rome" by the architect Albert Speer - are still largely intact. We'll take you there and tell you the story.

You'll also see the other Nuremberg that locals are rightly proud of. The medieval fortifications of the striking old town, Gothic churches, colorful market places and hilltop castle of the old imperial city are as awe-inspiring today as ever.

Nuremberg hosted the Imperial Diet (or parliament) of the Holy Roman Empire and was nominated an Imperial Free City by the Emperor Frederick II. It was a center of cultural vitality at the center of major imperial trade routes. It played a key role in the Reformation, and in the printing and scientific revolutions that shaped the modern world. It was home to one of Germany's oldest Jewish communities.

The old rally grounds today host a major Documentation Center that maps all of this painful history in detailed clarity and represents evidence of Nuremberg's determination to come to terms with its past.

Our expert English-speaking guide will accompany you on the pleasant 1.5 hour train journey from Munich and back again, giving you a comprehensive tour through this unique city.

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Regensburg Rail Day Trip from Munich

Transportation Munich
Get to know the medieval city of Regensburg on a day trip from Munich by rail. Board a train with your guide, and on arrival in Regensburg, take an illuminating walking tour of its charming UNESCO-listed Old Town (Altstadt). Explore narrow lanes and squares flanked by tall town houses and see the 12th-century Stone Bridge, decorative Regensburg Cathedral (Dom St Peter) and other sights that testify to the city’s medieval trading past. Afterward, enjoy ample free time to explore at your leisure before returning to Munich.

Meet your guide at Munich Central Station and board your train to Regensburg. Your journey takes roughly 1.5 hours, and as you travel, your guide will talk to you about Regensburg and its history.
Standing on the Danube River and once a Roman settlement, Regensburg was the first capital of Bavaria, and flourished between the 11th and 13th centuries with trading links that reached as far as Venice and Kiev. Learn how some of the city’s Roman, Romanesque and Gothic architecture still stands, and how in 2006, its medieval center became a UNESCO World Heritage site.
On arrival, set off into Regensburg Old Town (Altstadt) for a guided walking tour of its historical highlights, pretty squares and narrow, cobbled lanes.
As you stroll, listen to your guide share interesting historical insights about the landmarks. See magnificent Regensburg Cathedral (Dom St Peter), the finest Gothic building in Bavaria, and admire its richly carved exterior and stunning medieval stained glass windows.
Walk to the 16-arched Stone Bridge, one of Regensburg’s showpieces, and enjoy the views of the Danube from this 12th-century structure as you learn how it became a model for bridge-building across Europe.
See the Historic Sausage Kitchen (Wurstkuchl) with its outdoor tables and discover how this quaint spot also dates to the 12th century, when workers on the cathedral and bridge feasted on sausages sold here.
After your tour, enjoy up to three hours to explore at your leisure, aided by a free map from your guide. Perhaps have lunch at the Sausage Kitchen (own expense) and stroll the winding streets to see more of Regensburg’s landmarks. Stop by at the city’s other medieval churches, view its Roman relics or visit the Adler Pharmacy to see its original 17th-century interior.
When the time comes, rejoin your guide and travel back to Munich station, where your tour ends.

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Munich Super Saver: City Bike Tour plus Bavarian Beer and Food Evening

Super Savers Munich
Sightsee by bike in the morning and swig beer in the evening, on a Munich Super Saver tour that combines two best-selling experiences at a discounted price! After seeing Königsplatz, the English Garden and Marienplatz, among other top sites, on the morning bike tour, enjoy an afternoon of free time, and then spend the evening on a Bavarian beer and food tour. Visit Munich Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, a traditional beer garden and the atmospheric Hofbräuhaus am Platzl beer hall for a sampling of beer in steins and local specialties such as pretzels.

Munich Bike Tour (3 hours):
Meet your guide near Munich Central Station, put on your helmet, and then pedal through the streets, exploring the city just as the locals do. Your guide will stop frequently during the tour to share stories and trivia about landmarks and sights, plus you'll have plenty of chances to take photos and chat with other people in your group.

Cycling at a leisurely pace, follow your guide through the neighborhood known as Royal Munich, and wind your way past sights such as the Neo-Classical plaza of Königsplatz and the equally imposing Odeonsplatz. Hear how both squares were created during the reign of King Ludwig I, an extravagant ruler who sought to put Munich on the map for its European grandeur.

Continue through the immaculate royal gardens into one of Europe's largest city parks: the magnificent English Garden. Stop for photos by the Chinese Tower and enjoy a drink at the landmark's beer garden. Then, pedal along the banks of the River Isar into Munich Old Town to explore the medieval streets around Marienplatz.

After three hours exploring the city, work your way back to your starting point to finish the bike tour. Enjoy roughly 4.5 hours of free time before your evening tour takes place.

Bavarian Beer and Food Evening (3.5 hours):
Meet your guide and fellow revelers for a beer at Munich Central Station. After getting the lowdown on Munich's beer culture and breweries, travel by public transport to the city's Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, a site housed in Munich's oldest residential building.

Head inside for a tour and—yes, of course—more beer samples. Walk around with your guide to see exhibits that showcase the surprising role of Bavarian beer in the country's history, and learn about Munich's big-name breweries that export beer around the world. Hear how Oktoberfest evolved from a royal wedding celebration to one of the world's premier beer and folk festivals, and check out antique beer jugs and drinking memorabilia aplenty.

Leave the museum and continue to one of Munich's traditional beer gardens for another drink and a platter of local snacks. The exact dishes differ on each tour, but tasty specialties such as bratwurst sausage and chewy salted pretzels are typical staples. Afterward, continue by public transport to your final stop at Munich's famous beer hall, Hofbräuhaus. Here, steins of frothy beers are served by dirndl-clad barmaids and the resident 'oompah' band cranks out live festive tunes. Enjoy your final beer of the tour (own expense), soak up the atmosphere and bid your guide a fond farewell.

Special Offer - Book this Munich Super Saver and save over 15% on adult prices compared to booking the tours separately! - Book Now!

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Munich WWII Combo: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site and Third Reich Walking Tour

Super Savers Munich
Gain insight into the rise of the Nazi party during World War II on a full-day combo tour of Munich. Travel to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, where the genocide of the Third Reich (Nazi Germany) started, and hear about those who were imprisoned there. Then, return to Munich for a 2.5-hour tour of sites associated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. See historical buildings such as the former secret police headquarters and learn all about the city during these dark days.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour (5 Hours):
Meet your guide at Munich Central Station, and then board a train for your short journey to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, just under half an hour away. On arrival, walk the short distance to the town's former concentration camp and head inside for your tour.

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site was known as the parent camp; it was the first of its kind, and acted as a training facility for the mass genocide that occurred during the days of the Third Reich. Today the camp exists as a memorial site, but many of its original features remain intact. Walk around with your guide, see buildings such as the bunker, crematorium and administration headquarters, and gain insight into its history.

When the time comes, return to the train station with your guide and travel back to Munich by train in time for your afternoon tour.

Munich Third Reich Walking Tour (2.5 hours):
After a short break, head to the prearranged point in central Munich — once the home of the Nazi headquarters — to meet your guide and then set off on your walking tour around the city.

The exact sights taken are in varied for each tour, but examples of historic buildings that you may see include the former headquarters of the Gestapo and the place where the infamous ‘beer hall putsch' of 1923 took place — the event that first propelled Hitler to the public eye.

Learn about the rise of the Nazi party from your guide and look at black-and-white photos of the city taken during the Third Reich. Your guide has detailed knowledge on the social issues and events of Nazi Germany, so feel free to ask questions and chat about sites of particular interest.

After 2.5 hours exploring the streets of Nazi Munich, make your way back to the start point where your walking tour finishes.

Special Offer - Save over 5% on child prices and 17% on adult prices when booking these tours together in this combo package! - Book Now!

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Munich Super Saver: 2-Day Trip from Munich Including Neuschwanstein Castle and Herrenchiemsee Palace

Super Savers Munich
Visit two of King Ludwig II's extravagant abodes – Neuschwanstein Castle and Herrenchiemsee Palace – on this exciting Super Saver from Munich! Combining two best-selling day trips over two days, the sightseeing experience includes round-trip transport by train from Munich, walking tours of both historical sites plus free time at Fraueninsel island. Immerse yourself in the fairy-tale fantasy land of UNESCO-listed Neuschwanstein Castle, and then ogle the opulence of Herrenchiemsee Palace, a site intended to mirror the Palace of Versailles. Entrance fees to both sites are at your own expense.

Day 1: Small-Group Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip (9 hours)
Meet your guide near Munich Central Station, and then board your train for the short journey to Füssen, home to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Neuschwanstein Castle. After an uphill walk, head inside the magnificent castle and explore its elaborate interiors with your guide while learning about history and original owner, King Ludwig II.

The result of an obsessional extravagance, the castle was the fantasy of the king, who wanted a home that would both wow his people and shelter him from prying eyes. Notoriously shy, the eccentric king died soon after the building was complete, leaving behind one of the world's greatest castles that he ironically spent little time enjoying.

Admire rooms such as Minstrel's Hall with its murals of Richard Wagner, the operatic maestro who Ludwig idolized; take in the spectacular ornamentation of the Byzantine Throne Room; and walk through the king's stately bedroom. Neuschwanstein's exterior is noteworthy, too, so use your free time after your walking tour to walk outside and marvel at the intricate detail of the castle's parapets and turrets. Many believe Neuschwanstein to be the perfect example of a fairy tale castle, and indeed it was the inspiration behind Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle in the 1959 film.

Meet your guide at the prearranged time, and then travel back to Munich Central Station by train where your day trip finishes.

Day 2: Herrenchiemsee Palace Day Trip (9.5 hours):
The morning after your Neuschwanstein Castle day trip, meet your guide at Munich Central Station and travel by train to Lake Chiemsee, home to another King Ludwig's elaborate homes, Herrenchiemsee Palace.

Ride across the lake to the island where the palace sits, and then head inside to marvel at the palace's opulence that is said to be modeled on the Palace of Versailles. With your guide at your side, explore Herrenchiemsee's walkways and behold elegant rooms lined with gold, marble and glass. Look out for the elevated dining table that could be lowered to the servants' quarters so the king was spared the sight of his minions, and marvel at the ornamentation of the Hall of Mirrors.

After exploring the palace with your guide, take a boat ride across the lake to the neighboring island of Fraueninsel (own expense). Barely covering an area of 38 acres (15.5 hectares), the island is small enough to see on foot, so enjoy some free time to explore and soak up its history independently. Be sure to stop for photos by the historical convent, a site that dates back to the first century.

Having looked around at leisure, meet your guide and make your way back to the train station to travel back to Munich. Your day trip then finishes at Munich Central Station.

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Munich Super Saver: Brewery and Beer Tour plus Express Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Super Savers Munich
Experience the best of Munich – from top attractions to its legendary beer – with this Munich Super Saver that combines two tours at a discounted price! Spend the first part of your day on a city hop-on hop-off tour to see sights like the National Theatre, the Viktualien market and the Marienplatz independently, and then enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour at a famous brewery in the afternoon.

Munich Express City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour:
Travel by open-air double-decker buses to see the best of Munich at your own pace! Hop on a bus at any of the six stops to discover the city's highlights independently, giving you the flexibility to see what interests you and continue your tour whenever you're ready. See such renowned sights as the Pinakothek art galleries, the world-famous Hofbrauhaus (beer hall), the National Theatre, the Viktualien market with its colorful outdoor stalls, and city squares like Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz and Max-Joseph-Platz.

A non-stop route takes one hour; the buses run every 20 minutes from 9am to 2pm, the perfect time to take a break before your afternoon tour begins!

Behind-the-Scenes Brewery and Beer Tour:
Meet your guide in central Munich at 2:45pm, and then head by coach to a local brewery, which produces one of Germany's best-selling beers and is a favorite at Oktoberfest.

When you arrive, meet experienced brewmasters who will tell you all about the brewery's history and Germany's beer culture. Learn how the beer is brewed according to the original Bavarian ‘Order of Purity,' which follows the Bavarian Purity Law enacted in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. This law ended ‘experimenting' with ingredients and ensured that what went into beer was simple and restricted – only barley, hops, water and yeast.

Take a guided tour of the brewery to see its malting towers, brewhouse, fermenting tanks, beer cellars and wells. Then you'll finally get what you've been waiting for – a beer tasting! While you sample the beer, you'll also enjoy a fresh Bavarian pretzel. You'll then be driven back by coach to the central Munich departure point.

The brewery tour is 3,5 hours.

Special Offer - Save up to 8% when you book these popular tours together! - Book Now!

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Small-Group Guided Hiking Day Tour to Rotwandhaus from Munich

Adventure Munich
Experience beautiful panoramic views in a guided hiking tour to the Rotwand. Your local guide will provide you with many local insights about the area and you will have the unique opportunity to witness breathtaking views of the Alps alongside a small group of like minded hiking enthusiasts.

Start your tour at the Taubenstein Base Station. To avoid the steep ascent, enjoy a beautiful scenic ride in the gondola (not included).

After reaching the Taubenstein Mountain Station, enjoy a 1.5 hour hike without steep inclines to reach your final destination. Once you have reached the top, witness the breathtaking views of the Alps. During the hike you will also get a glimpse into the Inn valley and the Chiemgau. Before returning, enjoy the unique opportunity for a visit to the Quaint Mountain Inn.

Conclude your tour back in Munich.

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Munich Unique Surfing Experience in River Eisbach Led by a Local

Adventure Munich

Take a break from the city streets and learn how to surf on an artificial wave in the man made river Eisbach. The experience on the waves will last approximately 1-hour and you will be fully equipped and instructed on how to surf this wave.

Experience a unique surfing experience on the Eisbach river. Your experienced guide Dario has been surfing and teaching here for about 3 years and is looking forward to teaching you how to surf this artificial wave during your lesson. 

Depending on the weather and your level of surfing skills, you'll be in the water somewhere around an hour, give or take to fit your own needs and expectations. You will be provided with a hot tea or coffee to finish off the experience so you'll be back to your normal warm and dry self in no time. 

The equipment for this experience will be provided by Dario from the surfboard and wet suit.

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Oktoberfest - 4 Day Camping

Adventure Munich
This has got to be at the top of everyone's bucket list. It's not just a European must-do; it ranks up there as one of the world's biggest parties! Where else can you drink from steins the size of your head, sing along to oompah music and get away with wearing lederhosen? This 3 night/4 day trip to the world famous Oktoberfest is not to be missed.
The trip includes return shuttle transfers to and from the Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest Grounds) on air conditioned coaches for 2 days. Guides will escort you to and from the grounds as well as be present in the beer halls to provide help and support throughout your time in Munich.
When you have had your fill of beer, pretzels and carnival rides, you will also receive a fully guided walking tour of Munich city centre.
You will be accommodated in twin-share tents at a campsite in Munich. This includes 24 hour security, access to an information tent and fully trained guides.


Meet your guides and check-in to your tent share accommodation at Camping Thalkirchen! Get comfortable and acquainted with the campsite and then it's our social hour to meet and greet your fellow travelers. Take the shuttle into Munich centre for an orientation walk and dinner in a local beer hall or beer garden. Return shuttle after dinner back to the campsite to get some rest for tomorrow or continue with the beer tasting at the campsite bar.


Let the fun begin! Your Guide will take you all down to the Oktoberfest grounds by early morning shuttle, we'll make sure you will be in the right place at the right time.


Head down to The Oktoberfest grounds for another day! Soak up the Bavarian culture, take a bike tour, enjoy some of the festival rides...the choice is yours.

You also have the option to join our day trip to one of the most stunning parts of Bavaria to visit King Ludwig's famous Neuschwanstein Castle. This region is absolutely breathtaking and the castle itself was used as a model for Walt Disney's Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.


Time to leave! Check-out is at 10am.

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Munich Springfest Overnight Camping Package Including Breakfast and Dinner

Adventure Munich
Come join thousands of other fun-loving, beer-drinking travelers to celebrate Springfest in Germany, Oktoberfest's little sister festival. Spend your singing on table tops eating delicious Bavarian food and drinking beer at a carousel bar with flowers in your hair. And the fun doesn't have to end there: head back to your campsite for the biggest party outside of the beer halls with music and entertainment.

Springfest is Oktoberfest's little sister festival, a celebration of spring with fairgrounds and festivities at traditional beer halls. Head to the festival grounds with a guide and experience German beer and culture at its best. 

Start the day off with a good hearty breakfast at your campsite before making your way into the beer halls with a fun, experienced guide on public transportation. The journey is less than 30 minutes from campsite to beer hall. Spend the day drinking beer, singing song's, making friends, eating delicious Bavarian food and jumping on carnival rides. 

In the evening you will be served a delicious dinner back at the campsite and get ready for another party: Stoketoberfest! This is the legendary Stoke campsite and the biggest party outside of the beer halls. When the beer wenches pack up their steins for the day, the campsite is gearing up with gallons of free-flowing beer and sangria, great DJs and live bands, delicious BBQs and carnivalesque celebrations with hundreds of international guests every night.

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Hard Rock Cafe Munich

Food Tours Munich

The famous German city of Munich is jammed with thriving culture including vibrant arts and awe-inspiring museums. Munich is a city that intertwines the majestic view of snowcapped Alps, breweries, Gothic courtyards, and metropolis architecture like the Hard Rock Cafe.

Walk, pedal a bike, or hitch a ride on public transport to the Hard Rock Cafe Munich and get some good ol' American cooking and a cold beer.

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Bavarian Food And Cultural Experience in Munich: Food Walking Tour through Munich's Historic District and Viktualienmarkt

Food Tours Munich
Hungry for an authentic Bavarian food and cultural experience? Then join this unique 2-hour guided walking tour through the city's historic district. Start with a typical Bavarian brunch, and continue to eat your way through the Viktualienmarkt, a daily food market in the center of town.

Meet your guide at the market to begin your tour through Munich's oldest open market and foodie paradise. Sure, you already know about the famous sausages and beer, but your guide will introduce you to lesser-known delicacies and fill you in on their delicious stories. You bring the appetite and they will provide the food and the fun.

There are more than 100 different food stalls on Munich's biggest market. You will stop frequently to taste different delicacies from different stalls. You will learn about what your are eating and how it was made from the producers themselves. Your local guide will talk about the role the 150+ year-old market plays in Munich's history. You will try different breads, sausages, pickles, exotic fruits, spreads and cheeses, just to name a few.

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Guided Oktoberfest Tour and Evening at the Hofbräu Tent Including Beer and Oktoberfest Museum Tour

Seasonal Events Munich

Enjoy a special tour on the last weekend of the festival, exclusive to 28 people in total – two groups of 14, each with their own guide. This all day experience will combine a visit to Munich's Beer and Oktoberfest Museum with evening table reservations in the famous Hofbräu tent in Oktoberfest. Your guide at the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum will give you an exclusive private tour of the museum, combined with food and beer tasting in the tavern below. Then it's off to the Oktoberfest festival itself for a brief guided tour of the grounds, followed by evening table reservations at the Hofbräu Tent from 6pm until closing.

Your guide for the day will be dressed for Oktoberfest in traditional Bavarian festive clothing and will greet you at the departure point and bring you on a short subway ride to Munich's historic old town for a visit to the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum. Here, you'll get an exclusive private group tour of the museum, located in a beautiful old medieval townhouse, the oldest such building in Munich.

In addition to the tour, you'll visit the cosy tavern attached to the museum to enjoy a "Brotzeit" - a traditional Bavarian lunch of cold meats, cheese, bread - and, of course, beer. The beer tasting session will include two small beers, one larger beer, and a pretzel. 

After few hours in the museum and tavern, it's off we go to the main event: Oktoberfest. Enjoy table reservations in the famous Hofbräu Tent from 6pm until closing. Your table reservations come with vouchers for two "Mass" (one liter) beers, plus vouchers for roast chicken (the classic Oktoberfest beer and food combination). A brief guided tour of the grounds is also included.

The tables are yours for the entire night in the final weekend of Oktoberfest - one of the best times to visit the festival.

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Munich Spring Festival: Historical Theresienwiese Tour and Reserved Tent Table Including Bavarian Meal

Seasonal Events Munich
Enjoy a 6-hour spring festival (Frühlingsfest) experience at Theresienwiese in Munich including a reserved table at the famous Hippodrom tent with a traditional Bavarian three course meal. The Munich spring festival is Bavaria's best kept secret. This smaller spring version of the Oktoberfest is just as fun and less crowded!

Meet your guide at Munich's central station at 11:30 a.m. just next to the Starbucks coffee shop. Then it is off to the Theresienwiese where beer tents, amusement rides, and the largest flea market in southern Europe awaits. It is just like being at the Oktoberfest but with less crowds, huge shopping venue, and more fun!

This amazing day includes a historical tour of the Theresienwiese fest grounds, the tents, and flea market before everyone has free time for shopping and sight-seeing. Then we meet for our reserved table at the world-famous Hippodrom beer tent at 6:00 p.m.. Once inside you will be treated to a Bavarian traditional meal of three courses that includes Brotzeit, mixed meat plate, potato salad, dessert, and more. This is the perfect filler while enjoying your Maß beer!

The table will be reserved for five hours giving you plenty of time to enjoy the festival atmosphere and live music of the beer tent.

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Art of Stealing: Live Escape Game in Munich

Escape Games Munich
The Art of Stealing: Live Escape Game in Munich is made for 2 up to 6 fellow participants staying in one room which is broadly equipped with catchy objects, interesting items and magical pieces of furniture. You and your teammates are to follow the hints given to solve the riddle and win the challenge.

You and your teammates will play the role of specialists stealing valuable art. You burgle a popular artist's house. You want to rob him and get his latest masterpiece whose estimated value is around several million dollars.

Clever and smart as you are, you studied the artist's everyday life so that you know that his walk in the evening takes him one hour. You have one hour to make the art piece yours. Unfortunately, the artist's daily routine appears to be rather less logical than predictable.

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Concert at Nymphenburg Palace in Munich Including 3-Course Dinner

Music Munich
Enjoy an exclusive combination of classical music, culinary highlights, and culture during this evening at one of Munich's most famous sites: Nymphenburg Palace. First, sit down to a 3-course dinner created by head chef Peter Kinner at the popular Bavarian restaurant Schlosswirtschaft Schwaige. Then treat your ears to a classical music concert at the gorgeous Nymphenburg Palace, the main summer residence of former Bavarian royalty. Choose from two ticket categories for this 4-hour evening experience.

Make your way to the popular Bavarian restaurant Schlosswirtschaft Schwaige at 5pm to begin an evening that is sure to delight all your senses. First sit down to a delicious dinner at the restaurant, created by renowned head chef Peter Kinner. Enjoy selecting your dishes from the 3-course menu, and sip a glass of wine or a beer for an additional expense. After dinner, which lasts approximately 2 hours, take a relaxing stroll through the palace's gardens to reach the concert hall.

Walk for about 10 minutes until you arrive at the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace, one of the most famous sites in Munich. The palace was the main summer residence of the former kings and queens of Bavaria, and today it is a major visitor's attraction. The live classical music concert is held in Hubertus Hall (at the opposite end of the palace from the restaurant). 

Choose from two ticket categories when booking, then find your seat and enjoy the 2-hour concert before making your way back to your Munich accommodations.