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New Iberia (NIB) New Iberia Amtrak
Alton (ALN) Alton Amtrak
Malvern (MVN) Malvern Amtrak
Chicago (CHI) Chicago Union Station
Benson (BEN) Benson Amtrak
Lake Charles (LCH) Lake Charles Amtrak
Arkadelphia (ARK) Arkadelphia Amtrak
Poplar Bluff (PBF) Poplar Bluff Amtrak
Schriever (SCH) Schriever Amtrak
Lafayette (LFT) Lafayette Amtrak
Springfield (SPI) Springfield Amtrak
Alpine (ALP) Alpine Amtrak
Del Rio (DRT) Del Rio Amtrak
Texarkana (TXA) Texarkana Amtrak
Sanderson (SND) Sanderson Amtrak
Carlinville (CRV) Carlinville Amtrak
Temple (TPL) Temple Amtrak
Dyer (DYE) Dyer Amtrak
New Orleans (NOL) New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal
Mc Gregor (MCG) McGregor Amtrak
El Paso (ELP) El Paso Union Depot
Lincoln (LCN) Lincoln Amtrak
Tucson (TUS) Tucson Amtrak
Walnut Ridge (WNR) Walnut Ridge Amtrak
Taylor (TAY) Taylor Amtrak
Fort Worth (FTW) Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center
Hope (HOP) Hope
New Buffalo (NBU) New Buffalo Amtrak
Lordsburg (LDB) Lordsburg Amtrak
San Antonio (SAS) San Antonio Amtrak
Dallas (DAL) Dallas Union Station
Pontiac (PON) Pontiac Amtrak
Joliet (JOL) Joliet Union Station
Glenview (GLN) Glenview Amtrak
Mineola (MIN) Mineola Amtrak
Houston (HOS) Houston Amtrak
San Marcos (SMC) San Marcos Intermodal Station
Homewood (HMW) Homewood Amtrak
Saint Louis (STL) St. Louis Gateway Station
Normal (BNL) Bloomington-Normal Amtrak
Maricopa (MRC) Maricopa Amtrak
Beaumont (BMT) Beaumont Amtrak
Austin (AUS) Austin Amtrak
Naperville (NPV) Naperville Amtrak
Michigan City (MCI) Michigan City Amtrak
Little Rock (LRK) Little Rock Union Station
Deming (DEM) Deming Amtrak
Longview (LVW) Longview Amtrak
Cleburne (CBR) Cleburne Amtrak
Kankakee (KKI) Kankakee Amtrak
Marshall (MHL) Marshall Amtrak
San Antonio
Fort Worth
Oklahoma City
Little Rock